MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – Win This Booty-ful Art!

I love my overseas publishers.

My French publishers speak English much better than I will ever speak French.

My Italian publishers speak English much, much better than I have ever been able to speak Italian.

My German publishers speak English infinitely better than I will ever speak German, even if I live to be 100.

That said, hilarity sometimes ensues when I need to do special Munchkin cards for our overseas partners.

To wit: two German Munchkin Booty promo cards were requested. Here’s my favorite card description EVAR, from one of them:


Illu: Several rats dressed as pirates (with patches, peg leg, a kiwi on the shoulders, dagger between teeth, just like the pirates you know, but they are rats)

OK. I know they don’t mean “kiwis,” but “parrots.” Still, the idea of a Munchkin Pirate Rat with a Kiwi on its shoulder amused me. So I sketched it up anyway.

Let’s have a competition. Tell me what the name of this card would be. The winner will receive the original art of the drawing you see in glorious technicolor above!

All entries must be posted on the feedback page, or at the Dork Tower LiveJournal Syndicated Feed page that this note appears on. Deadline is Monday, August 25, midnight Central Standard Time. The winner will be picked by the Lovely and talented Judith.


Speaking of the German promos, here’s the card wot I eventually drawded:

I believe the German version of Booty will be available at Essen, along with this little thing called Munchkin Quest.


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