Ziggurat Con

A very special convention is happening this summer. Ziggurat Con, being held June 9 from 1200 to 2100 hours at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase, in Iraq, is open to all allied military personnel and civilian contractors in Iraq. This is the first gaming convention ever held in a war zone. Full details and a picture of […]

So it goes…

This cartoon (the one after the jump) won’t be running on the web site until tomorrow. Please consider it a too-small “thank you” to everyone who’s helped Judith and me get through the last two days. Losing two personal heroes as well this week just makes me appreciate what they gave me that much more, […]

A Family That Never Was

From time to time, people have asked how the adoption is going. It’s been hard and it’s been a struggle, but we kept on keeping on. As the process dragged on, and on, and on, however, there’s one thing we’ve dreaded more than any other. And now it’s come to pass. Russia curtails American adoptions […]

Norwegian Summer

My cartoon for Milwaukee’s Daily Reporter this week. They wanted something on the rise of foreclosures in Wisconsin’s housing market. I had other things on my mind. 65-12″ predicted for today. Gaaaah. Is it beautiful? Yes. But so are “Planet Earth” super-slo-mo pictures of a Great White Shark chowing down on a Harp Seal, and […]

Where there's a Wil…

Dork Tower 36 should be shipping to distributors this week, and I sent off the pages to my pal Wil Wheaton, who’s got quite a large guest-starring appearance this issue. Quite large. His response? OMG page 7 made me hurt myself and scare my dogs, I was laughing so hard. What’s your policy on copying […]

Spring Cleaning, Cartoonist Style

An ill-timed fit of Spring Cleaning (ill-timed because it’s put me back a couple of days in actual…you know…paying work) has nevertheless begun to yield some results. My original artwork, which was in danger of crushing the poor chipboard bookcase my dad built for my closet a decade and a half ago, is at least […]

Milwaukee Miller Park Question

First off…SORRY there were no cartoons up this week. Two major deadlines hit, and I didn’t want to run any repeats as I’d like to do more “Lake Geneva Convention” cartoons, and make it a series. New stuff Monday. Fingers crossed. **** The lovely and talented Judith and I are into Milwaukee tomorrow to see […]

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