Norwegian Summer

My cartoon for Milwaukee’s Daily Reporter this week. They wanted something on the rise of foreclosures in Wisconsin’s housing market.

I had other things on my mind.

65-12″ predicted for today.


Is it beautiful? Yes. But so are “Planet Earth” super-slo-mo pictures of a Great White Shark chowing down on a Harp Seal, and you don’t see the Harp Seal going all giddy.

Officially sick of the White Stuff now.

And I use the phrase “the White Stuff” because (A) it was banned, when I worked at the State Journal, and (B) “This miserable piece of $#%@^#ing @#$!%y %@$&@^@ weather we’re having” is a bit long.

To use a phrase by my pal Ken Hite that I hope to force into the common vernacular, it’s Norwegian Summer.



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