Milwaukee Miller Park Question

First off…SORRY there were no cartoons up this week. Two major deadlines hit, and I didn’t want to run any repeats as I’d like to do more “Lake Geneva Convention” cartoons, and make it a series. New stuff Monday. Fingers crossed.


The lovely and talented Judith and I are into Milwaukee tomorrow to see the Brewers. Then straight back to Madison for Easter dinner.

This is the first major league game I’ve seen live in five years. Because, y’know, with Bug Selig and the Selig family out of the ownership picture for a while now, I think I might be able to stomach it again.

Still, I’ve been off Major League Baseball since the last strike. Everytime something special happens — like the Cubs making the playoffs, or Boston winning the World Series — and I feel like I’m ready to return to the fold, another steroid scandal makes me realize why I wildly prefer the minor leagues (GO MALLARDS!)

Also why I prefer the minors: I go online to buy a couple of Brewers tickets for $22.50 each, up in the nosebleed sections, and there’s a $3.50 convenience charge per ticket. For buying them online. Per ticket. That’s about an automatic 15% increase. Plus, there’s a $2.00 fee for the convenience of PRINTING OUT THE TICKETS AT MY OWN HOME. The only other options? Picking them up at the Will Call gate, for a $3.00 fee. Or $12.00 to have them mailed. Thank God there’s no inconvenience charge.

Dear Major League Baseball. I’m trying to like you. Really I am. But, you know, you’re a whore, a dirty, dirty whore — I’m sorry, I mean “really making it difficult to get back into the swing of baseball fandom”. And I hear your puppet of the owners — I’m sorry, I mean “commissioner” — one Bug Selig, is making $14 million this year. And I hear attendance is down again. Gee. I wonder why?

Still, we’re gonna see the Brew Crew vs. the Cubbies because, like, a week ago, when the weather was in the 60’s and 70’s, it seemed like a grand idea.

It’ll be 30 tomorrow. Possibility of snow.

So here’s the question: Any idea what to wear inside Miller Park in such conditions? The roof’ll be closed, but will it be heated at all? Or is Lambeau Field attire required?



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