GTS 2007

GAMA Trade Show 2007. Looks amazing. Turnout seems high. People seem genuinely excited. Balley’s appears to be an amazing location. The weather is fantastic. Exhibitors are plentiful and cheery… …and I’m down with food poisoning. Again. This makes two out of three conventions so far this year (Warpcon being the other). I mean, really. Come […]

Huge Paizo News

After linking to as the place to pick up My Little Cthulhu and Angry Limited Edition My Little Cthulhu, should your FLGS not have it in… …folks have been greeted with news that a “Major Announcement” would be coming down the pike. Moments later, the announcement’s been posted. I knew about this a little […]

Thursday Morning Mish-Mash

My Little Cthulhu is IN THE COUNTRY and IN THE WAREHOUSE! As is the Paizo Publishing Limited Edition Angry My Little Cthulhu! They should all be shipping soon. Say, a week to get to distributors, and a week to get from there to shops. Ish. **** Also good news: ALL the “10 Days” series are […]

MUNCHKIN 2K: The Countdown Continues

Just did a quick count. I estimated I did “30 or 40” foreign language edition Munchkin cards the other day, and used the “30” number for the estimate. In actual fact, as far as I can tell, I’ve done 64 foreign language cards. So right now, it looks like the total number of Munchkin cards […]

Virginia Tech

I was perusing the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists website, distressed at the number of really bad cartoons concerning the Virginia Tech massacre that were posted this morning. Now, while a few greats of the field regularly add their cartoons to the AAEC website, many more don’t. Which is a shame, and gives the pages […]


I’ve illustrated six full Munchkin games: Munchkin; Star Munchkin; Munchkin Bites!; Super Munchkin; Munchkin Impossible and now Munchkin Cthuhu. At about 168 cards each, that makes 1,008 cards. I’ve illustrated eight Munchkin supplements; Munchkin 2; Munchkin 3; Munchkin 4; Munchkin 5; Star Munchkin 2; Munchkin Bites 2; Super Munchkin 2; and Munchkin Blender. At around […]

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