Age of Bronze

Every now and then, a very worthwhile comic book needs your support. This is one such instance. I received an e-mail from Gary Beatty, at I’ll just reprint the e-mail in full, as this just about says it all. Hello, everybody. I’ve never sent a mass email asking friends to consider subscribing to a […]

More owies

Over at the Dork Tower LiveJournal feed, someone posted a comment about “shameless recycling” of today’s strip. (Not in a mean way, I hasten to add). I’m, afraid, until I can actually sit up and draw again on a regular basis, though, there’ll be a week or two of repeats. Somethings very wrong with my […]


Been in a tremendous amount of localized pain this week. Re-aggrivated my lower back, which spread down my left leg. Finally got in to see both an acupunturist and my doc yeterday. So I’m semi-mobile again. Still, it hurts to even walk. But I’m sick of laying on the couch. I can sit upright for […]

Happy VD!

And honestly, I might be stupid to think love is love but I do and you’ve waited so long and I’ve waited long enough for you. – “Mr. Harris,” Aimee Mann **** Doing some insane deadline work for a Big Corporation (TM). LOTS of fun stories to tell about Corporate Think (TM). …at some point. […]

Out of the Box Games and Rio Grande

Sorry about the lack of cartoons these last weeks. That’ll change very soon. Honest. Life’s been busy this year. One day, it’ll mean I have some great stories to tell. Here’s one I can tell now. PRESS RELEASE – February 13, 2005 For Immediate Release Rio Grande Joins the Out of the Box Family of […]

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