More owies

Over at the Dork Tower LiveJournal feed, someone posted a comment about “shameless recycling” of today’s strip. (Not in a mean way, I hasten to add).

I’m, afraid, until I can actually sit up and draw again on a regular basis, though, there’ll be a week or two of repeats. Somethings very wrong with my back and left leg. I’m undorgoing treatments, acupuncture, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy…everything. Nobody seems to know what’s wrong, and sitting or standing is a great deal of hurt.

Me? I blame Swiss Air, and nine-hour flights in seats better suited for the Gnomes of Zurich.

But that’s beside the point.

I apologize for the repeats, but it’s prolly better than a blank space…

So what I decided to do was go through all the Dragon strips in order, for at least some kinda historical perspective…

So it’s not shameless…it’s necessary…

I wish it was otherwise.

Two more doctors’ appointments today. We’ll see what comes of them.



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