Out of the Box goodness!

There is a HUGE announcement from Out of the Box that I’ll post Sunday, when it’s announcd at the New York Toy and Game Faire. I’m serious. In the hobby gaming world, this announcement will be very, very big. I won’t be going to New York year – too much work to do, here. Especially […]

To make a short story long…

Tons of stuff to post (Warpcon, London, Super Munchkin II, Superbowl, Danish Cartoons, American Cartoons, Cineplexity, New York Toy Show, Out of the Box, Life), but far too much work to do at the moment to post anything intelligible. Still, I need to post something, lest I be overwhelmed by Bendy Bus e-mails. Over the […]

London Calling

Hmmm. Noticed that the cartoons I had to run this week didn’t actually run. Gak! Will look into that as soon as I’m home. **** Amazing news. Just found out that Apples to Apples was the number one selling TOY at Target, the week before Christmas. That’s “TOY,” all categories. Not “game.” In other words, […]

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