Age of Bronze

Every now and then, a very worthwhile comic book needs your support.

This is one such instance.

I received an e-mail from Gary Beatty, at

I’ll just reprint the e-mail in full, as this just about says it all.

Hello, everybody.

I’ve never sent a mass email asking friends to consider subscribing to a comic book before, but this is a very special case. Eric Shanower’s award winning “Age of Bronze” – a 10 year project retelling the story of the Trojan War – needs subscribers to keep the book going.

You’ve probably heard me praising this work. It’s the perfect way to tell this sometimes complex story because this comic illustrates the period costumes and architecture, carefully researched. Unlike the Homer novels some of us have read, Eric leaves out the fantasy elements of the gods and concentrates on people and politics. The gods’ only influence is through the people who worship them – and interpret their will.

It’s our oldest recorded adventure story retold. Fans of “Lord of the Rings” type stories, especially, will enjoy it.

Here’s how to order:

1. There are two collected volumes out in affordable softcover that start from the beginning of the story.

2. The comic itself is bimonthly. You can jump on now and soon be up to speed, if you’d like.


I consider my subscription a worthwhile and fun contribution to the fields of literature and art. It’s important to keep history alive for future generations.

Once again, it’s available at

Gary Beatty

Age of Bronze is a most wonderful book, and a great series. I know money’s tight all around, but I really can’t recommend this series highly enough. The book is beautifully written, superbly illustrated, and a pleasure to read. It’s something very special, and it’s easy to get up to speed with it, as collections are now available.

In the old days, artists would have patrons. Nowadays, the market force is the best we can do.

I don’t know Eric…I believe I only met him once, briefly, at San Diego a few years ago. But if you’d like to try something new, and very, very good, picky up an Age of Bronze collection. Comic geeks, gamer geeks and history geeks alike will love this book. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Me? I’m seeing if the collections are available in hardcover. I’ve got the comics already, but this is a cause worth supporting.


Pain update: I have now been put on Oxycodone. Being on Oxycodone means I can’t remember whether or not I’ve already told you I was put on Oxycodone. But at least I can sit upright for longer periods of time, and get some work done.

Look for many pink elephants in Dork Tower #33…



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