Bands that Time Forgot

My sister, the doctor, is visiting from London. Which means, right now, I’ve got XFM radio hooked up through my laptop, and playing over the stereo. So I’m in a very London mood all of a sudden. I may have to get back real soon. XFM is a soft “alternative” station, which makes for comforting […]

Minis (and) Me

Last Sunday, I drove down to Little Wars historical gaming con, just North of Chicago. Translation: I went to a convention just for the fun of it. Shock! Horror! It was a great trip, and although I didn’t actually get to play anything (I was mostly there to meet up with my friends Tommy and […]

Drinking Wil-fully. And Geese thoughts.

If memory serves me (which it often doesn’t), our pal Wil Wheaton will be on CSI tomorrow night (Thursday the 10th). In honor of the many, MANY parties I know everyone everywhere will be having to commemorate this, I proudly present…The Revised Wil-Centric CSI Drinking Game (Revised (and stolen) from THIS CSI drinking game) The […]

Blink Twice

We’ve been getting reports from around the world (yes, world) that some people are being told by their friendly neighborhood stores that there are no more Dr. Blink #1s available. This is not the case. As previously mentioned, we pulled 1,000 promo copies to get back into the distribution chain, as all distributors apparently sold […]

Be a MUNCHKIN…for real!

John’s Spam Subject Line Haiksu Of the Day By John Kovalic. And his Spammers Welcome Edwardo hardcore heaven, membership special. Full Frontal Don’t miss Girls Gone Wild First time anal – girls love it Don’t miss Night Ranger ***** Well, we’ve finally got an image for the Super Munchkin box. And it looks super suh-WEET! […]

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