Sing it with me!

We’re in the Onion! We’re in the Onion! We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get a blurb! This will be in the print issue this Thursday: COMICS OF NOTE “…Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink (is) a witty, fast-paced, intelligent spoof that pokes eruditely into superhero psyches, launches a complicated, multi-thread story, and still […]

Warpcon Charity Report…at last!

SPAM Subject Line Haiku of the Day By John Kovalic. And his Spammers. [SPAM] Hi. [spam] Hello. meds at damn cheap prices Pat Save a bunch with us A ton of movies Earn Incredible Income While helping others re: rolex order New Year in Good Health Wilma Matt Drudge wears rolex ***** The United Cerebral […]

Haiku very much…

So I had this idea. So I write it up. So I find other people have had the idea first. I suspected this might be the case, which is why I did the web search in the first place. Such is life. So anyway, here’s the idea: HAIKU FROM THE SUBJECT LINES OF SUNDAY’S SPAM […]

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