Juuuuust what we needed…

Great. Just great. Anyone who knows Rich and the gang at Jester’s Playhouse knows what great folks they are, and what a great store they run. They sure don’t need this kind of stuff happening. Let’s send ’em all our support. STORY ONE: NJ Man to Face Triple-Murder Charges in Montco A few selected quotes […]

The Big Room, Part II

Long day, yesterday. Throat hurts. Feet sore. Good times. Lots of meetings, and lots of cool stuff in the works. Met lots of cool distributors, and heard groovy things back about Dork Storm releases. The Riviera’s convention floor is pretty amazing, and the wireless access is great (though it still costs ten bucks a day […]

Vegas, baby!!

Vegas, baby…the BIG ROOM! Yes, I have a VERY big room here. Unfortunately, it’s at the Riviera, a VERY 1970’s hotel. I’m also bored out of my skull. And thus getting a LOT of work done. Geeze, don’t you think most guys would LOVE to be in Vegas, solo? The thought of doing any of […]

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