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Anyone who knows Rich and the gang at Jester’s Playhouse knows what great folks they are, and what a great store they run. They sure don’t need this kind of stuff happening. Let’s send ’em all our support.


NJ Man to Face Triple-Murder Charges in Montco

A few selected quotes from the story:

Castor (below right) says the motive appears to be jealousy, but they
are also looking into some sort of connection with the fantasy
role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons”

“I mean, you have many, many stab wounds and those ‘Dungeons and
Dragons’ fantasy games involve swords and knives and daggers and things
of that nature. There may be a connection but I can’t say for sure.”


N.J. man charged in 3 slayings

Some selected quotes from THIS story:

Eichinger, described as quiet and a loner, was an avid fantasy-game
player, acquaintances said. He may have dabbled in the occult, Castor

Castor would not say whether the killings appeared ritualistic, but
added, “We think that he might have some interest in that area.”

A fan of tabletop strategy games, especially Star Wars, Eichinger was a
regular player at Jester’s in Northfield, N.J., said owner Richard
Gain. His game choices were not related to the occult, however.

EDIT 1:31 pm CST

Here’s a note from Rich, at Jester’s Playhouse. Thanking everyone for sending their support:

I would like to thank all you guys for the support. It has been a hard couple of days. We have had newspapers, radio shock jocks and even the police asking us questions. I think the storm is over until the trial. I told the one reporter that she should call the Idaho Potato Board (is there such a thing?) because I heard that 75% of all prison inmates eat Mashed Potatoes. She did not appreciate it. We have received a lot of help from Mike Stackpole and a number of our customers who are lawyers. Again, Thanks for all the support. Have great day!!

Rich Gain
Jester’s Playhouse




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