Vegas, baby!!

Vegas, baby…the BIG ROOM!

Yes, I have a VERY big room here. Unfortunately, it’s at the Riviera, a VERY 1970’s hotel.

I’m also bored out of my skull. And thus getting a LOT of work done.

Geeze, don’t you think most guys would LOVE to be in Vegas, solo? The thought of doing any of the “adult” things on my own just seems more kinda sad and pathetic than exciting. I can’t wait ’til Judith gets in. I did, however, win back the $3 I lost on nickel slot machines once I switched to video poker. And the brilliant simplicity of the Double Down variety meant that I turned One American Dollar into enough for a Venti Latte and a Blueberry Scone on my way to breakfast this morn.

Oooooooooooh! High Roller!

Not that there’s anything wrong with not being much interested in the various sins of Sin City, as it means I’m able to get a lot of work done in the mornings, before the trade floor opens at noon. And the location of the Rio, while not prime, as far as real estate on the strip goes, is at least close to a 24-hour Walgreens and a Starbucks. So for me, for the reasons I’m here in the first place (The GAMA Trade Show), it’s not that bad at all.

At least there’s been much catching up with old friends. Went to the Rio’s Village Seafood Buffet last night with the likes of Ken Hite, James Mishler, Mike Stackpole, Joyce Greenholdt and the crew from Scrye magazine. Ken had an absolutely brilliant idea for a Dr. Blink story, and if I ply him with enough alky-hol, I may just persuade him to write it up for the Dr. Blink Special #1, this autumn.

The Rio’s Seafood Buffet, by the way, may single-handedly be why so much marine life is endangered these days. As if to mock you, they include a dessert table. “Desert,” at the Rio, to me means only that you have room left for more lobster.

On top of a grand evening with grand friends, Scrye picked up the tab. So tonight, I may splurge with ANOTHER buck on Double Down Video Poker.

Oh, yeah!

The big room, indeed…




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