Always Take the Weather With You…

I was never hugely into Split Enz, at the start of my Music Life.

To be sure, the only song I ever heard over the BBC of theirs was “I Got You.”

And the first couple of Crowded House singles didn’t do too much for me – I was more into The Replacements and Husker Du at the time.

But at some point, Crowded House’s “Woodface” CD fell across my desk at the State Journal, and I couldn’t stop listening to it.

From that point on, I became addicted to everything put out by Neil Finn, and, subsequently, his brother Tim. This culminated with last year’s gloriously realized, evocative “Everyone Is Here.”

Now comes the sad news that Paul Hester, 46, the drummer for Split Enz and Crowded House, has been found dead.

Crowded House drummer found dead

He had “attempted suicide,” and died of strangulation.

I think I’ll put “Woodface” on now, and maybe leave it on all day, and think about how much magic he — and his band-mates — managed to bring into my life.

It was a lot.


Attention Warpcon folks:

Stephen, Brian and Howard all won appearances in Super Munchkin at the Warpcon charity auction.

I can get to Stephen through Aurelie, and I have Brian’s e-mail address. But I didn’t take down Howard’s, as he won last year as well, and I assumed I had his contact info on hand.

I don’t.

Does anyone have Howard’s contact info? An e-mail address would be great!




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