Be Excellent

I’m busy getting stuff done in advance for our Long Anniversary Weekend ™. Friday’s Dork Tower is already loaded and ready to go, and Monday’s is on the drawing table. With luck, I’d like to be two weeks ahead on the comics soon(ish). I’m not sure if this will be a TOTAL no-work weekend, as […]

Tuesday Morning Mish-Mash

1) I just remembered I’ll be up North next Monday, celebrating with the Lovely and Talented Judith our eight years of incredibly blissful marriage. So the next Monday Morning Double-Secret Super Happy Fun Quiz may be changed to a Friday Morning Double-Secret Super Happy Fun Quiz. Stay tuned, true-believers! 2) I’m gonna post an old […]

And the Winners Are…

Well, here are the cards from last week’s competition (drum roll pleased): The game: Munchkin Blender (“Mixed-up Megapowered Munchkin Madness”), from Steve Jackson Games. This is a Munchkin add-on that will let players mix Munchkin, Star Munchkin and Munchkin-Fu a little more effectively. Card One: 1/3 Breed (Feline, Elf and Hobbit, in this case). Card […]

The World's Largest Dork Tower!

OK. I’ve been back home for about a week now, and the jetlag’s finally gone. I’m not waking up at 4 am any more. However, I am pretty much tied to the drawing table those hours I am awake, so it really doesn’t make much difference anyway. I got outside once yesterday, at about 9 […]

Wednesday Morning, 10 am…

1) I’m not sure if the writer or translator of Nemi reads Dork Tower or plays Chez Geek or not, but those t-shirts in the third cartoon seem awful familiar. He he he. (I’ve never done a “Frodo Lives” T-shirt, but it’s appeared in the comic…though it’s been a T-shirt or something I’ve seen before…”Will […]

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