Win Stuff!

OK. As seems to be my lot, I’m juggling far too many projects. Again. Still, some of them are going quite nicely. I’m finishing up MYSTERY PROJECT “A.” for example. I’m VERY happy with it. So, here’s where YOU come in. Here are three cards from MYSTERY PROJECT “A.” Can you name: (a) What upcoming […]

Gaaaah! FTP Problems

Welp, the FTP problems still seem to be there. I’ve got some e-mails in to the relevant authorities, so with luck, it won’t be TOO long before new ‘toons are up again. The act that this all started when I was in Prague didn’t help. But such is online life, I guess. More news as […]

Kaffee un Kuchen!

Holy freaking muskrats! Judith and I are in Prague, winding our way back to London, ABSOLUTELY blown away by Vienna Fanntasy Gaming Convention 2004. EVERYBODY in Vienna was fantastic, and it was a HUGE turnout for a new con. There were SEVERAL hundreds of people there, lots of retailers, and I did almost five straight […]

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