Wednesday Morning, 10 am…

1) I’m not sure if the writer or translator of Nemi reads Dork Tower or plays Chez Geek or not, but those t-shirts in the third cartoon seem awful familiar. He he he.

(I’ve never done a “Frodo Lives” T-shirt, but it’s appeared in the comic…though it’s been a T-shirt or something I’ve seen before…”Will Game For Food,” on the other hand…grin. If it’s a coincidence, it’s a grand one. Thanks to Army of Dorkness Lt. Jinnie for pointing this out.)

2) Friday is too long to wait for the results of the Monday Morning Mystery Competition. Next time I do something like this, I’ll make sure it only lasts a day or two. but still, nobody’s got the exactly correct answer yet…though some people are close…soooooo close….

3) There’s a BIG surprise coming in Dork Tower 27, at press now, on stands soon…

4) Bands or musicians I’ve never seen that I wish I would, soon: Stereolab; St. Etienne; Neil Finn; Aimee Mann; Wilco.

5) Bands or musicians I’d like to see again, soon: Elvis Costello; Bob Mould; Al Stewart (seriously).

6) I’ve added myself to my “Friends” list on LiveJournal. Not for ego reasons…just to make sure I don;t do any huge damn graphic posts that muck up OTHER people’s “Friends” pages…

7) There is NO…number 8.

8) Here’s a sketch of the cover for Dork Tower 29. It doesn’t work quite yet…it’ll look a lot better once it’s done, proper filters are set up, etc., etc. But it’s Good Enough For Solicitation (GEFS).

A-yup. My Paul Weller and the Jam influences come kicking and screaming to the fore once more.

9) That’s it for now. Gotta finish off Mystery Project A.



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