And the Winners Are…

Well, here are the cards from last week’s competition (drum roll pleased):

The game: Munchkin Blender (“Mixed-up Megapowered Munchkin Madness”), from Steve Jackson Games. This is a Munchkin add-on that will let players mix Munchkin, Star Munchkin and Munchkin-Fu a little more effectively.

Card One: 1/3 Breed (Feline, Elf and Hobbit, in this case).

Card Two: Cheat (a bug on a hobbit’s stepladder)

Card Three: Cheat with Both Hands (a Dwarf with an Elf’s Bow with Ribbons and a feline’s Tail Gun).

A LOT of folks got the name right, plus two out of three of the cards correct, but nobody quite got ’em all.

The FIRST person to take two out of three cards, as well as the name game, was Doug ( .

Game: Munchkin Blender
Card 1: Third Breed
Cards 2 and 3: Both different depictions of Cheat with Both Hands

However, a special award to eslington, who really got the spirit of all the cards correct just minutes later:

Hmm… Looks like some kind Munchkin/Star Munchkin crossover.
Or rather something to make shuffling the decks together more fun.

Perhaps… Munchkin Crossover?

Card 1 looks like a card which lets you combine Races, ala Halfbreed, but since it looks like more than two races are included, it’s probably called “Genetic engineering” or something, and will allow more than two races to be combined.

Card 2 looks like the halfling stepladder only with a hammer and an insectoid thingy.

Um… Maybe this deck’s version of the “Cheat” card which lets you use an item not of your race?

Card 3 also looks like an emulate race card. Maybe a “Supercheat” card which let you put race cards under it, which then allows you to use items as if you were that race?

It seems like people liked the quiz, and the difficulty level was about right, so next Monday, I’ll try and post another one!

In the meantime, here are a couple of cool shots from the show “Queer As Folk” (the US version). It’s the inside of Red Cape Comics (the comics store a character on the show runs).

1) Spot that shirt!

2) It’s not a Wall Drawing ™, BUT…

3) A close-up of the last pic:

You have to look for these closely during the show, but it’s still pretty cool anyway.

Now to get on Iron Chef America, Good Eats, Mythbusters or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Grin.


PS. A Canadian show called The Strip called about getting free comics and permission to use Dork Tower on their show. So I sent them a bunch of books, but they arrived “Return To Sender,” as the show didn’t want to pay the tax on them! What up with that, yo…? (To paraphhrase Scott Bateman)


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