Tuesday Morning Mish-Mash

1) I just remembered I’ll be up North next Monday, celebrating with the Lovely and Talented Judith our eight years of incredibly blissful marriage. So the next Monday Morning Double-Secret Super Happy Fun Quiz may be changed to a Friday Morning Double-Secret Super Happy Fun Quiz. Stay tuned, true-believers!

2) I’m gonna post an old interview I did with Suicide Girls tomorrow. It’s interesting inasmuch as some of the questions were QUITE different from, say, your average magazine interview.

3) Remember when I swore I’d never create another game after the long, hard “Whad’Ya Know?” process? Well, the new one’s done. I’m pretty happy with it, too. This is more of an Out of the Box Publishing game than a Steve Jackson Games game (a quick-to-learn word game, quick to play), but I may need some playtesters soon…

4) Comics Buyer’s Guide has switched format to monthly magazine, which I think is a great move. As such, I’ll also now be able to do some comic book-related cartoons for them. The first such strip is on the drawing table now!

I’m thrilled to have also been asked to do cartoons for the new incarnation of Amazing Stories. in part because of the subject matter, in part because of the history of the magazine, but mostly because it means I’ll be working with Dave Gross, one of my favorite editors EVER, dawg!

6) There is NO…rule six!

7) And speaking of games, here are some more cards from the upcoming Munchkin Blender.

Drunk; Bedridden

Rare; Exploding

Wandering Monster; Old Edition

8) Well, this is interesting, given yesterday’s discussion:

Which Food Network Chef
are you?

I’m particularly chuffed about this since I went out of my way to avoid the obvious Alton answers in the quiz.

9) Chris Jones just sent some more pages and sketches for Dr. Blink #0 (which goes to press soon). They absolutely rock! Here’s the splash page, showing First City and zeroing in on Dr. Blink’s office.

I may post some more of them soon. This is a fairly unexceptional narration page that I think Chris has made exceptional. I really dig his framing in the first panel, and little things like the birds in the last panel just make this sing. This dude is just a phenomenal talent, and it’s amazing how much he adds to Dr. Blink! Someday soon he will be in VERY high demand! And we can all say “We knew him when…”

9) The Lovely and Talented Judith and I are trying to save money, because of some home repairs that need done. But we’re going out to dinner tonight, for the first time in ages. The restaurant is nothing to speak of: a chain, but we found 50% off coupons in one of those fund-raising coupon books. Still, I am SO looking forward to this. I love spending time with my wife. She’s the coolest person I believe I’ve ever met, and I really cherish those times when we can just be together, doing fun, goofy stuff.



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