I wasn’t going to announce this, because for a while it didn’t look like it was going to happen. However… I just received an e-mail from Jim Pinto, Art Director for AEG. The Iron Shadow expansion for the Alderac Entertainment Group collectible card game 7th Sea will feature a special promo card: The Dread Pirate […]

OK…Good news on MANY fronts today!

Devir, a really cool Brazilian company has asked to translate Dork Covenant, so it will be in Portuguese at last! This completes our sweep of the Major Languages of the Iberian Peninsula and South and Central America, as La Factoria De Ideas of Madrid has started translating Dork Tower in Spanish! (PokeTHULHU is also being […]

Two things

First things first: there are two cool new games from Out of the Box out there: Blink and My Word. And though I didn’t do much in the way of illustration for them (the basic artistic direction was it: the graphics and design are mine…but no cartoons), I think they’re both a blast. Blink in […]

A few items of interest today.

First off, there’s only a week to go, as far as voting for the Origins Awards goes. Dork Tower’s up for a couple of awards. But it doesn’t matter WHO you vote for, just vote, and support the Origins Awards! And speaking of awards, CHEZ GEEK won an InQuest Fan Award! The game won the […]

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