Two things

First things first: there are two cool new games from Out of the Box out there: Blink and My Word. And though I didn’t do much in the way of illustration for them (the basic artistic direction was it: the graphics and design are mine…but no cartoons), I think they’re both a blast. Blink in particular is a hoot and a half. Billed as the World’s Fastest Card Game, it’s pretty close. Think "Falling" or "Brawl" speeded up a notch. One great thing about being with the Out of the Box team is that they’re constantly finding great games.

They probably won’t be at the Dork Store for a while. But even so, they’re well worth tracking down now: they’re in stores. I’ve a hunch Blink will sell as well as Apples to Apples does, and that’s saying something!

Secondly, folks may have noticed that the daily strips have gone up at seemingly random times. This is because I put them up right before I go to bed, and that varies from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. But SOON will get a spiffy new update, courtesy of Madison web goddess Wendy Wyman. Though I was once a web designer, I pretty much gave it up in 1998 to concentrate on cartooning full-time…and it shows. is now cutting edge — for late 1997. Not ONLY will Wendy’s redesign mean faster pages, cooler graphics and an easier interface, it will ALSO automate the updating process, so ALL cartoons will soon go live at midnight, Central Standard Time.

Lastly today, I’ll be speaking at the Technology, Media and Design Conference at Edgewood College in Madison today, at the 2:30 Print and Publishing panel. It looks like a fascinating conference, and perhaps I’ll see some folks there who are reading this.

Allez cuisine (Morimoto was ROBBED)!



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