OK…Good news on MANY fronts today!

Devir, a really cool Brazilian company has asked to translate Dork Covenant, so it will be in Portuguese at last! This completes our sweep of the Major Languages of the Iberian Peninsula and South and Central America, as La Factoria De Ideas of Madrid has started translating Dork Tower in Spanish! (PokeTHULHU is also being translated into both languages).

Feder Und Schwert in Germany says preorders for WELT DER DUMMHEIT (The German Dork Covenant translation) are so good they’ll turn Dork Shadows around very quickly, hot on its heels! WELT DER DUMMHEIT comes off the presses June 28!

INTERACTIVE WEEK bought a four-page cover-story cartoon from me to be the cover story on july 2! I was really sweating over this assignment, but they seem to love it!

Lastly, DORK SHADOWS, the collected Dork Covenant Vol. II, hits the press this weekend! The blue line corrections are in, and everything is go!

I would kick back and relax the rest of the day (I’ve been up since 5 am)…but Dork Tower 14 has to go to press. Still, I feel really, REALLY good right now!


Friday, June 15
Random thoughts for random times…

OK…last game update – for the week, anyway.

Have you heard about CHEZ DORK, the Steve Jackson Games Dork Tower card game?

It just went to press.

Here’s what Steve Jackson Games has to say about it:

"It MUST be mine!”

"Welcome to Chez Dork! In this stand-alone card game, you and your friends (up to 6 people) enter the world of John Kovalic’s DORK TOWER. Matt, Igor, Carson, and their friends compete to feed their fannish obsessions and collect the games, cards, and other geeky treasures they can’t live without. The object of Chez Dork is to get more Stuff, faster, than all your friends. But your particular Obsessions determine what you think is neat at any given time. And a gamer’s obsessions can change . . .

"Illustrated by John Kovalic – Designed by Steve Jackson

"Stock number 1340 – ISBN 1-55634-543-7 – Suggested retail price : $24.95"

The coolest thing about the game is it should appeal to EVERYBODY…not just Dork Tower readers. It’s about fandom, and collecting fannish cool stuff! It’s a Chez Geek for the worlds of comics, gamers, goths and SF fans!

As you can tell, between Munchkin, Blink, My Word, Warhamster Rally and Chez Dork, it’s been a busy spring for me. But these are the last games I’ll be illustrating for a while. Back to the comic book now! Huzzah! (Dork Tower #14 goes off to press soon, by the way).

In the meantime, I’m just thrilled to death that Steve Jackson himself designed the game. The fanboy in me is just geeking out utterly.

Here are some sample Chez Dork cards (the vast majority of the art is brand-new, some is taken from the comic book (which I like, ’cause it ties everything in nicely)):



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