An important correction.

Geeksville will NOT be ending with issue #5, as I bemoaned in Dork Tower #12! My mistake. SECONDLY — this Friday is the first in two years that there’s no new Dork Tower in Pyramid Magazine Online. To be honest, I just needed a bit of a break. Since I now make a living completely […]

Drawing Table

I’m trying to teach myself how to draw on the computer. Not sure why I really need to, but I’m sure it will come in really useful some day. Once I stop sucking at it, that is… My first attempt is to the right. Note how subtley I manage to capture that certain essence de […]

Madison Again

MADISON AGAIN — The lovely and talented Judith and I are finally back in Madison. I thought I’d have a chance to update this page from afar, but it was not to be. So here are all the Muskrat Ramblings you missed. Too tired to say much of anything right now. But just wanted to […]

Proud as hell

MINNEAPOLIS — If here’s one thing I missed this holiday, it was just hanging out with some friends, being festive. Good friends are the best thing on earth (after Family), and I’ve been blessed with a few great ones. Today I drove into the Twin Cities to visit my good friends Steve Sack and Sean […]

Packer Sunday

ELLSWORTH, WI — A person I know who shall remain nameless (save to say it is not my wife, the lovely and talented Judith) was devastated today when the Green Bay Packers won their frostbound game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not because she hates the Packers. She loves them. But the Packers victory meant […]

Going Home

ELLSWORTH, WI — My wife — the lovely and talented Judith — and I drove up to her home town ("Ellsworth: The Cheese Curd Capital Welcomes You!") this afternoon. Though there was little snowfall, there were still plenty of cars in the ditches around Madison. The usually four-hour drive took about six, between cautious driving […]

Why I'm a cartoonist.

WHY I’M A CARTOONIST — …and not a public speaker. It’s far to easy to make a fool out of yourself these days. Especially in a world of talk radio and sports talk radio (where it seems it doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say it loudest and longest) and television (you’d […]

Reasons to be glum

REASONS TO BE GLUM — The weather is stupid cold in Madison. The windchill factor is -40 degrees farenheit, and my brief attempt at cross-country skiing after finishing five cartoons this morning was an abject failure. I am NOT going outside without long underwear, and I think long underwear is one of the silliest things […]

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