MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – Munchkin Memories Contest

Muskrat Ramblings Munchkin Memories Madness Contest posted by MONICA Monica here. Patching in from Muskrat Central to tell you that– What’s that Cartoon Boy? Yes, I will tell them about… Yes, I know you wanted to blog today, but… No, it will be all right. Your readers will understand. Seriously!! Draw another comic or something. […]

MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – And now, a note from Monica!

Muskrat Ramblings And now, a note from Monica posted by MONICA Hoi! Monica here. Not John. Monica. Hi. Pleased to meet you! Over the past, few weeks there’s been a lot going on behind-the-scenes at Muskrat Central for one purpose and one purpose only… …to offer you MORE Dork Tower. Occasionally, you’re going to get […]


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