The Gall of It All

Hey, guys! This post may be a bit more rambley and random that normal. Please be forgiving of any typos. I’m on some super-strong pain medication, and the last 48 hours have been…interesting. Cut to the chase: I’m sadly not sure how much time I’ll be able to spend at GameHoleCon the weekend. I’ve also […]

Super Happy Spoiler Alert Fun Hour

DORK ADDENDA: HUGE thanks to Lar DeSouza, a great friend, a great guy, AND and an amazing cartoonist I look up to, and respect deeply, with Mad Cartoonz Skillz to spare, for this Guest Dork Tower!

Visit his web site! But his stuff! Hit his comics HERE (Looking for Group) and HERE (Least I could Do). BE AMAZED!


Carson via Lar

So the incomparable Lar deSouza sends me this out of the blue, just because he felt like drawing Carson the Muskrat.   Blown away? Me? Yeah. Just a little (Note – read: “A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT!”) Lar is, quite simply, one of the finest artists working in comics today. He’s the guy behind the artwork on […]


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