Carson via Lar

So the incomparableĀ Lar deSouza sends me this out of the blue, just because he felt like drawing Carson the Muskrat.

Super Happy Lartist Muskrat Fun Hour


Blown away? Me? Yeah. Just a little (Note – read: “A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT!”)

Lar is, quite simply, one of the finest artists working in comics today. He’s the guy behind the artwork on Least I Could Do and Looking for Group (Ryan Sohmer is behind the writing AS IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW) and – it seems – about half the stuff that makes me laugh, these days.

So, yeah – I’m still grinning ear to ear from this wonderful little piece. As this is a muskrat-heavy week on, it seemed appropriate to share it now.

Lar rocks! Hard!


PS: See you all at StellarCon this weekend!


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