Owl bears are here! Or rather, there!



OK, guys – act fast on this one!

If you missed GameHoleCon, and want one of the Owlbesr plushies that I designed, Noble Knight Games in Janesville, WI, has some.

I’m not sure how many they have, but they tweeted that supplies are limited.

The plushies are $22.50, at the moment, and I’m told by a reader that even the postage to Australia is pretty reasonable.

Give a Hoot! Buy a brute!


So, on Monday, this happened:

Let it be known Adam Savage is one of the nicest people on earth, and the Lovely and Talented Judith and I now find ourselves in possession of tickets to the Madison Mythbusters “Jamie and Adam Unleashed” Live show and Meet-and-Greet!

And if you like the shirts, you can find them here.

And look! Admiral Ackbeer pint glasses and prints are here!


DorkTower1300Hegel1815Tuesday’s Dork Tower is the kind of thing I suspect drives many folks screaming from the website, never to return.

Relatively obscure philosophy comic? Check. But in my  mind’s eye, I loved the idea of how the second panel might look, and I wanted to draw that.

Sometimes, I get a giggle out of a strip that maybe three other people will get. This was one of those times.

Be thankful I didn’t go all Jeremy Bentham Utilitarian on you.

If you’d like to read up on Hegelian Dialectic, a rather bland description can be found right here. (The more you know).

For funsies.

Philosophical funsies.


OK. I’m off to the surgeon’s now. To hear if I’m 100% better or not.

I suspect I am, but I’m not the professional…

– John


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