I love Paris



(Image via @jean_jullien)
(Image via @jean_jullien)

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.”

― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Given the news from Paris and Beirut, Friday night, everything else seems ridiculously small.

I love Paris. Judith and I honeymooned there. We went back for our 10th anniversary. We’ll be back for your 20th. I’ve been there many, many times on my own, ever since I was a kid, growing up in England.

I am heartsick.

My thoughts are with you, France. We have so much to thank you for.

One day I hope to visit you, Lebanon. Your wounds are great, and they have lasted long.

Toujours, nous sommes tout Paris. Et aussi Beirut.


I’m a fan of Eagles of Death Metal. Possibly my favorite song of theirs, from 2006’s “Death By Sexy”:


DorkTower1298PROMODumb minor stuff updates:

Wednesday’s cartoon: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock may be my favorite poem. Certainly, it’s up there with some Yates, that’s for sure. If you’ve not read it, I hope you enjoy it. It’s meant a lot to me, since discovering it, one auspicious English Lit. class, in college.

Originally, the last panel in the strip was going to be a reference to Charlie Bown, Lucy, and the football being pulled away, time after time. But following surgery last week, and feeling a bit older, and more vulnerable, the main question in my mind the last several days is just that: “Where did the time go?”

And yes, I’ve tweeted 92,100 times, as of the last count, over the last five years


Speaking of Social Media I don’t know how to use correctly:

I started up an Instagram account, since I discovered someone else was using my e-mail address for theirs. The culprit was someone going by “mansonaberjona.” 

My e-mail being mine, I was able to disassociate it from the other person’s account easily. Still…that was weird.

The look of a man new to Instagram…

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Anyway, this is really me there, now, AND DON’T I JUST LOOK LIKE A KNOW WHAT I’M DOING?


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