BikeDuckHey, gang!


Because of YOU, Team Duck-On-The-Helmet (i.e., me) raised more than $4,000 to support the FairShare CSA Coalition’s Bike the Barns ride in 2013! THAT WAS MORE THAN 10% OF THEIR GRAND TOTAL RAISED!

So this year…I’ve upped our goal to $5,000! If we get there, I will AGAIN do the ride with a Duck of Doom strapped to my helmet! And maybe…juuuuust maybe…a plush tentacle of two as well (CURSE YOU, Steve Jackson Games’ Andrew Hackard!)

There will be more goodies coming to everyone! But anyone who pledges $20 or more within 24 hours of this post will also receive a limited-edition Official John Kovalic Munchkin Bookmark of Draw, Draw Again! These were handed out at the Munchkin Tavern at Origins 2014, and they won’t be making any other appearances!



EDIT: as of this writing, all the bookmarks are spoken for. But more goodies are coming!

Bike the Barns
raises critical funds to support the Coalition’s Partner Shares program, which brings fresh, organic food from local farms to low-income families in our community. And again, I’ll be doing the long ride – sixty miles. SIXTY FREAKING MILES! Though I hope to be in far better shape this year. Which, frankly, won’t be hard to achieve…

Pledging is fast and easy; please support my INSANE BIKE RIDE #2, and this great cause!

I truly appreciate the support of the Army of Dorkness, and will keep you posted on my progress as I train to ride, and continue raising funds to support this vital program.

Together with the CSA Coalition, we can work to create a sustainable, local food system in Southern Wisconsin by supporting CSA farms and ensuring that fresh, local food is available to all.

Thank you so much for your time and your support of local farms, food and families!


So here’s the Feelies, with “Doin’ It Again,” FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!

— John

PS – If you’re so inclined, please share this post far and wide! Twitter, Facebook, etc. links are below. $5,000 is gonna be tough to raise, but every little bit helps!


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