The Daily Cardinal and other Birds – Avian Week continues

  This coming weekend marks the 120th birthday of the UW-Madison Daily Cardinal, one of the oldest student newspapers in the country, and the paper that launched me on the patch to my career. True, I was cartooning for the Millfield Windmill, the bi-weekly newspaper of my old school in Somerset, England. And I did […]

My Weekend – PLUS: Sneak Secret Project Peek!

  The upcoming weekend is turning out to be a bit of a busy one, for me. Though I’m still hoping to take some weekend off, soon, following the marathon that the Munchkin Apocalypse game art became, it obviously won’t be this one. But Apocalypse is all in the past now. Done, done, DONE! Stick […]

A Modest Proposal

Fully believing we should leave the world a better place than when we entered (and I entered it in 1962, so the bar is pretty low, there, but nevertheless), I have an idea. It’s a small thing, yes, but I believe its impact towards minimizing violence, hatred and human suffering would be great. Cars should […]

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