The Original Angry Birds!


It’s no secret one of my guilty pleasures is THE BIRDS, a dark, twisted, meta-kinda web stip by my pal Robin D. Laws.

I enjoy it so much, I leapt at the chance to write the forward to the first collection, published by Pelgrane Press. Well, now, the second collection – “There Goes My Dream Job” – is coming out, and Robin asked if I’d do a week’s worth of BIRDS strips, to help celebrate the fact.

More work for no money? Why, yes. Yes, please!

OK. In all honesty, this was too hard to turn down. In part because it consisted mostly of cutting-and-pasting a single drawing in Photoshop (must stay TRUE to the spirit of the strip, don’cha know?), but mainly because it meant getting to play in Robin’s severely dysfunctional sandbox (LOOK OUT FOR SHARDS OF GLASS!), and, golly, it’s just not that often that I get the opportunity to draw characters pulling handguns on each other in DORK TOWER.

(BTW – If you think anthropomorphic gunplay is bad, it gets worse as the week goes on. Trust me – it gets much, much worse.)

Super Happy Birds Fun Hour

So anyway, here’s the first strip. You may wanna click on it to get the larger version over at Pelgarne’s THE BIRDS site. New strips to be added every day this week.

Super Happy Birds 1 Fun Hour

So, thank you, Robin! It was a ton of fun, and I’m looking forward to the new collection. I’m sure it will be a blast.

A quick blast to the abdomen from from a Saturday Night Special, to be specific…


Possibly it’s the deep, dark, BIRDS frame of mind I find myself in, this week, but the following popped up in my inbox this morning:


FROM: UpdateServices
TO: <Recipients List>

Dear Email User
This message is from Information Technology Services of This EMAIL to all our Staff. We are currently upgrading our database and e-mail center and this is our final notification to you.we have sent several messages to you without response.
We are deleting all unused Mail account to create space for new accounts. In order not to be suspended, you will have to update your account by providing the information listed below: reply to.

Confirm Your E-Mail Details..
User name: ………………
Re Confirm Password:………….

If you fail to confirm your continuous usage of our services by confirming your email password now, your account will be disable and you will not be able to access your email.

You should immediately reply this email: and enter your password in the above password column.
Thanks for your understanding.
IT Services


REALLY, Spammers? REALLY? You’ve just given up even trying, now?

I actually feel a little bit sorry for you, you know. Yes – your spammy phishing e-mail attempt was that sad and pathetic. I mean, this is actually the sorriest excuse at a phishing attempt that I believe I’ve ever seen. What are you? The Baldrick of spammers? “I have a cunning e-mail…” “Yes, let us not forget that you tried to solve the problem of your mother’s pop-up ads by throwing her desktop into a dung-heap…”

No, really, spammers – can you please just admit that you’ve actually lost your love for the business? You’re going through the motions, now. You’re simply phoning it in. The joy of the job is gone.

You can’t – oh, how to put this without sniggering at the irony – get it up anymore.

Don’t worry, though. I hear there’s a treatment for it.

Grow a big package once more! Canadian Pharmacy: USPS – Fast Delivery Shipping 1-4 day USA 100% guarantee on delivery FDA approved productas 350000+ satisfied customers!

If interested contact me for more details via my personal email, Bite.Me@No.Really.Bite.Me.Com



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