A Modest Proposal

Fully believing we should leave the world a better place than when we entered (and I entered it in 1962, so the bar is pretty low, there, but nevertheless), I have an idea.

It’s a small thing, yes, but I believe its impact towards minimizing violence, hatred and human suffering would be great.

Cars should come equipped with two horns.

The first horn should be a tad lyrical – I’m thinking something piccolo-ish – which, when tooted, would be for those “Pardon me, kind sir – you seem to have missed that the light has changed. I do hope I haven’t bothered you too much. Thanks ever so!” moments.

The second horn, of course, would be one that imparted more of a  “IDIOT! MORON! NERFHERDER! DIE! DIE! DIEEEEEE!” vibe.

This second one would be easier, as it’s the one that comes standard on all vehicles now.

Anyway, that’s my idea.

I await my Nobel Prize.



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