Muskrat Ramblings The Matt Puppets posted by John So, I popped up to Convergence a couple of weeks ago, in part to take part in the annual madness that is IRON ARTIST, and in part to meet up with various members of Team Blink, as we get ever nearer to publishing more Dr. Blink comics. […]

MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – Discworld Munchkin Card, you ask..?

Muskrat Ramblings Discworld Munchkin Card, you ask..? posted by John Quick announcement: It’s the PERKY SUMMER SALE, over at Drivethru Comics, and all DORK TOWER and DR. BLINK trade e-books are 25%. Go tyere! Now! Buy stuff! Because we gotta make room for new electrons! **** It’s an enormously busy summer. Sadly, it’s also mostly […]

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