Posting Issues (old site)

Here’s Monday’s Dork Tower: For some reason, there’s a problem with the web site, and I’m unable to post new cartoons there. I hope this will be fixed shortly. But until then, please look for new cartoons on any of the following: My LiveJournal Page My MySpace Page My Blogspot blog All of these […]


Today is Scott “Igor” Olman’s birthday! Scott’s my good buddy, on whom Igor is loosely based. I say “loosely,” because if I wrote what Scott actually gets up to in a game into the comic strip, nobody would ever believe me. Yes, that’s right: I tone down Igor. Happy birthday, Scott! And “HUZZAH!” **** Announcing… […]

Thursday Review

IT MUST BE MINE: Occasional reviews of various things Cool and Otherwise DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS RECORD SHEETS Publisher: Wizards of the Coast Page Count: 12 Price: $9.95 OK. If I’m gonna do some reviewing here, I really want to focus on the positive, rather than the negative. To point people towards what is good and […]

Popping A Question…

The Only Spam Haiku I could get out of Today’s Spam (Depending on Whether you Pronounce “Failure” “Fai-u-lar” or not) By John Kovalic, and his Spammers Girl takes down five guys baby borned with two privates failure notice Well, Apart From This One, If You’re Gonna Be Pedantic About It By John Kovalic, and his […]

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