John Game-liography

Since I’m terrible at keeping track of things, I’ve decided to try and come up with a basic list of all the games I’ve illustrated, or designed bits for, or whatever. Here’s what I’ve got so far: 10 Days in Africa10 Days in the USA10 Days in Asia10 Days In EuropeaBRIDGEdApples to Apples Party Box/CrateApples […]

Descent? Decent!

Every now and then, when I do a comic strip like today’s, I’ll get a comment over on the Dork Tower LJ Syndicated Feed (5, 278 served) along the lines of “Hey, this is a @#$!! advertisement! I don’t want a @#$!! advertisement in my comics!” Just to make it clear: when I plug a […]

Remembering Memorial Day

I began yesterday at 6 am London time (midnight, Central Standard Time), getting to Heathrow from Southwark, climbing aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight to Chicago, taking the World’s Most Depressing Bus from Chicago to Madison, popping quickly over to a friend’s house for the remnants of Memorial Day, and then getting to bed around midnight […]

Aphorise Like You've Had a Lobotomy…

I really like today’s Dork Tower. Which means it’ll probably get one or two comments at most over on the Dork Tower Syndicated LJ feed. So be it. I actually saw these sayings posted up on the wall of a sub sandwich shop on State Street the other day (with the inclusion of “Love Like […]


For some reason, teh interwebs have slowed to a crawl here at Chez Muskrat. I’m getting about a fifth to a quarter of the speed I used to get just a week ago. This has been going on for a few days now. “High-Speed Access”? I fear not. It’s amazing how soul-piercingly annoying it seems, […]

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