Descent? Decent!

Every now and then, when I do a comic strip like today’s, I’ll get a comment over on the Dork Tower LJ Syndicated Feed (5, 278 served) along the lines of “Hey, this is a @#$!! advertisement! I don’t want a @#$!! advertisement in my comics!”

Just to make it clear: when I plug a game by name, it’s simply because I’m really into that game. And right now, I’m really into “Descent.” I’m having a hugely fun time with it.

Conversely, if I get down on a game, or any gaming-related silliness, I tend not to call out the offender by name, but to simply try and slap it under the Warhamster banner. Most of the time, folks seem to be able to tell what I’m going on about.

To confuse matters further, NOT EVERYTHING that falls under the Warhamster banner is necessarily bad. Warhamster is the default game the guys play in Dork Tower. For a while, having the strip run in Dragon, I had to use D&D instead of Warhamster. If I had my way (and wasn’t so lazy)(OK, and wasn’t such a purist about running stuff as it originally appeared, warts and all), I’d go back and change all D&D references to Warhamster ones before the next printing of “Dork Decade.”

But I play much D&D, and I do love me my D&D (hint, hint, WOTC pals). So just because the guys will soon be waiting for Warhamster 4E, that doesn’t mean that I expect D&D 4E to bite. I don’t.

So in short:

Descent rocks. D&D rocks, Plugging great games is fun. No money changes hands.


Madison Mallard season starts tomorrow. I did a little cartoon for their program again this year.

If the weather holds, we should be tailgating tomorrow, before the season opener.



In a fair bit of tech pain at the moment, as I finally gave up on Eudora, and switched over to Apple’s Mail last night.

It’s not crashing at all, as opposed to Eudora’s crashing every fifteen minutes. But – as any new program will – it takes some getting used to. I’m not in the mood to delve into a whole new e-mail program paradigm, but I’ve got no choice.

I imported all my old Eudora mailboxes and messages last night. There were 198,000 old e-mails saved up over the years. Who knew?

Anyway, my e-mail is no longer crashing. But it is taking a bit of getting used to, as well as much reorganization.

However, my FTP program (Interarchy 7.2.1) has taken up the slack. So that needs updating.


Apparently, the ultra-hip Acclaim magazine, out of Australia, makes mention of My Little Cthulhu. Or so a friend who just called claimed.

I do love My Little Cthulhu.

Today, I hate technology. But I love My Little Cthulhu.



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