For some reason, teh interwebs have slowed to a crawl here at Chez Muskrat. I’m getting about a fifth to a quarter of the speed I used to get just a week ago. This has been going on for a few days now. “High-Speed Access”? I fear not.

It’s amazing how soul-piercingly annoying it seems, waiting a mere 20-30 second for web pages to load, when you’re used to three or four second delays. What do they think this is, 1998?

(The problem’s not on the computer’s side, as both laptops have the same connectivity slowness when doing anything ‘net-related. And a-yup, I shut everything down and restarted it all, including all routers and Airport dohickey stuff. Would I sound like an idiot calling Charter and telling them “I think your internet is broken. They’re tubes, right? The ones to my house seem to be blocked”? Probably.)

On top of this, I just updated my operating system to Mac OS X Moggie — I’m sorry, I mean Leopard — to take advantage of some new software, and also for Time Machine and Time Capsule coolness.

Unfortunately, every time I now open Eudora, it immediately “unexpectedly” quits. Or so the message tells me. Which is odd, as I now expect this every time I open Eudora, so it’s not really “unexpected,” is it, now?

Once I re-open it, it works OK for a bit, but seems sluggish, churning and, frankly, petulant and boorish. Then, more often than not, it will “unexpectedly” quit again.

This is all particularly frustrating since, in the wake of updating to system 10.5.2, I also updated Eudora to V. 6.2.4 (the most recent one for Macs).

Frickin brickin snickin frickin…

Is there any reason a Dual 2.5 GHz Power PC G5 would be having problems like this?

Otherwise, things are just ducky this weekend. How are you?



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