Aphorise Like You've Had a Lobotomy…

I really like today’s Dork Tower. Which means it’ll probably get one or two comments at most over on the Dork Tower Syndicated LJ feed. So be it.

I actually saw these sayings posted up on the wall of a sub sandwich shop on State Street the other day (with the inclusion of “Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt.”)

There seems something incredibly insensitive at best, and Evil Genius cruel at worst, in having “Work Like You Don’t Need The Money” posted prominently in a chain sandwich shop where most of the workers probably get minimum wage.

I perhaps should have checked my 8″ “Turkey Tom” (aka the #4) to see if some poor bitter, disillusioned wage slave had spat in it, first.

Because, like, management tells them they don’t need the money, y’know.

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt
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Aphorise Like You’re a Brain-Dead Simpleton.



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