I spent much of the Memorial Day holiday here in the States working on Munchkin Impossible, which I am now calling Deadline Impossible, as we’ve just learned that this is needed for a GenCon release. But I think I’ll have the art done in time. Of course, I’d hoped for a bit of a break, […]

Updates! We gots updates!

Tower #33 should be in most stores now. Dork Tower #34 and Dr. Blink #3 are at press, too. Huzzah, huzzah! Can’t wait for DT 34, either…one of my VERY favorites…PLUS, more Koboldy goodness! **** More Out of the Box Games winning more awards… Harry’s Grand SlamBaseball Game – 2006 Parents’ Choice Classic Award Squint […]

More on Giving and Stuff…

For the fashion-conscious gamers out there, Boss Lady Lory of Pegasus Games, the inspiration behind Pegasuarus Games of Dork Tower, has let me know she’s printing up some gen-u-ine Pegasaurus Games T-shirts! Even better, a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping Palladium Games! So you can be super-groovy and charitable, at the same […]

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