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For the fashion-conscious gamers out there, Boss Lady Lory of Pegasus Games, the inspiration behind Pegasuarus Games of Dork Tower, has let me know she’s printing up some gen-u-ine Pegasaurus Games T-shirts!

Even better, a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping Palladium Games! So you can be super-groovy and charitable, at the same time!

Here’s what Lory has to say about these fine, fine pieces of merchandise:

Pegasaurus Games T-Shirts! Arriving at the end of May. Only $20!

If you order before May 29th, you get to choose either white or navy ink, on any of the following colors:

Dark Chocolate
Light Blue
Light Pink
Yellow Haze
Forest Green
Sport Grey
Jade Dome
Indigo Blue

(After May 29th, shirts will be available in black with white ink and grey with navy ink.)

* Features original art by John Kovalic: the logo of Dork Tower’s famous game store!

* $1 of each sale goes to support Palladium Games

You can order them through the store’s website, or, better yet, take a trip down Odana Road and see one of the coolest gamestores around!


Cartoonist/Suffering Artist/All-Around Great Guy/Cartoonist Savant Scott Bateman is nearing his goal. But he’s not quite there yet.

I’ve already contributed. In case folks missed my last post, here it is again, letting ya know what’s up:

As most readers here should be well aware, Scott is is doing an animation every day for a year.

It’s an amazing project – mind-blowing, really – and Scott’s now over two-thirds of the way through it.

Unfortunately, his money’s running tight.

Anyone who can help, please consider doing so. Scott’s an amazing guy, and his talent never ceases to amaze me.

If it’s any extra incentive, anyone who contributes $100 (and lets me know about it) will receive a FREE signed collection of Dork Tower trade paperbacks – Dork Covenant, Dork Shadows and Heart of Dorkness, to be precise. (anyone who donates more, I’ll try and come up with something commensurate.)

I’ve posted here before about being a patron of the arts. Now’s your chance to do something very direct and supportive of the arts.

My check is in the mail. I know many folks just can’t afford something like this. Bit I’m hoping there’ll be a few readers here who can…

This is from Scott:


Making an animated film every day for a year has taken a toll on my ancient Mac laptop. It will die very, very soon–the battery is already dead and gone, and it has a serious power supply problem. And without a working laptop, the Bateman365 will, sadly, end before the 365th day.

If you have enjoyed the Bateman365, please consider donating money to help me buy a new laptop. Those who donate at least $10 will be thanked in the credits of the Bateman365 feature film; those donating at least $100 will be listed as producers (finally, you’ll be on IMDB!).

My goal is to raise $1500 for a new MacBook. So if you’ve enjoyed those subway musicians, or Scurvy Steve and Bob The Damn Bunny, or the many famous guest stars I’ve featured over the past nine months (today was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, for heaven’s sake), please help the Bateman365 by
clicking the PayPal button at

Seriously, all – if I had half of Scott’s talent, guts and imagination, I’d be a heppy, heppy ket.

Who’s with me, here?


Thanks to everyone who pointed out the various news articles on Russian adoptions.

There’s much scary about this process, and many things can still go wrong. But with luck, this is not one of them, as we’re working through fully accredited agencies.

Other than that, there’s no news on that front. We’re still on tenterhooks. It’s still a miserable wait.

When something happens, I’ll make a post about it.


Huge amounts of work to get done. Only just now noticed I haven’t updated the web site this week. If I can get the time today, that will change…


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