Muskrat Lovely and Kobolds

I’m furiously getting stuff finished off for the big Cineplexity world premier, this Saturday at 2:30 pm, at the Wisconsin Film Festival. In the meantime, given the subject matter, here’s another film that’ll be showing I thought might be of interest. MUSKRAT LOVELY (plays with Ferry Tales ) USA, 2005, 58 min, Color, digibeta Midwest […]

Pow! Pow!

New cartoons start up again Monday. Honest. Plus, another cool April Fool’s week is instore, for those of you who remember last year’s storyline. **** In the mean time… So I’m trying to limit myself to no more than one or two non-Out of the Box or Munchkin gaming gigs per year, now. Here’s news […]

Leaving Las Vegas

Awake now, after a redeye flight back from Las Vegas to Madison. Much work to do. But – YAY – new cartoons start on the web site tomorrow! For anyone going to Vegas, let me highly recommend the following (or at least two of the three, since one will soon no longer be there), if […]

On Ups and Downs and Richard Thompson

Hey, gang, I received this e-mail from Scott “Igor” Olman yesterday, regarding the posting of info on his wedding to Dawn. John, I’m so shocked! the responses has been overwhelming, and Dawn could not believe it. I will be spending a lot of time sending thank you’s to all these people. But everyone who bought […]

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