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New cartoons start up again Monday. Honest.

Plus, another cool April Fool’s week is instore, for those of you who remember last year’s storyline.


In the mean time…

So I’m trying to limit myself to no more than one or two non-Out of the Box or Munchkin gaming gigs per year, now.

Here’s news on one of the two. Or one of the one. Anyhoo, here’s news.

(I believe this is the first time a company’s put out a press release specifically about the fact that I’m working on a game, but I could be mistaken. Anyay, it’s flattering.)

(The main point is, I’m really looking forward to this…)



FFG’s Mag*Blast 3rd Edition to be Illustrated by John Kovalic

Roseville, Minn. and Las Vegas, Nev. (March 13 2006) – Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) today announced at the GAMA Trade Show that internationally-famous cartoonist John Kovalic will provide illustrations for its third edition of the popular Mag*Blast card game.

Set in the Twilight Imperium universe, Mag*Blast is a fast-paced game of screaming space-battles. While each player scrambles to play enough ships to destroy the enemy’s fleets, he must also struggle to protect his own flagship while playing laser blasts (pew! pew!), beam cannon blasts (zooomp!), and the mighty Mag-Blast (bzzzzwomp!). Hilarious fun is guaranteed for all, as in order to score a hit, the player must accompany his card play with appropriate sound effects.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be working on something as great and proven as Mag*Blast. It’s such a fun, furious game that it was essentially an offer I couldn’t say ‘no’ to,” said John Kovalic.

John Kovalic’s zany and whimsical artistic stylings will bring Mag*Blast to life as never before! The cartoonist is best-known for his work on Dork Tower, a comic that details the lives of a handful of geek friends in the fictional town of Mud Bay, and his illustrations for the popular Apples to Apples and Munchkin games. With a keen sense of the ridiculous, Kovalic has the ability to bring Mag*Blast over the top into truly unmatched hilarity!

Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. (www.fantasyflightgames.com), a corporation with offices in Roseville, Minnesota, is a leading publisher of board games, role-playing games and card games to the worldwide hobby market. FFG’s products include the Lord of the Rings board games, the Warcraft® and Doom® board games, the A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu collectible card games, the d20 Midnight line and the Fireborn and Grimm role-playing systems.


For more information, contact:
Roberta A. Olson
Marketing Manager
Fantasy Flight Games
(651) 639-1905 x 109

And guess what? They just told me I get to design the look of all-new races!

Here’s the cover. Props to Melissa Kaercher for the amazing coloring job!


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