Muskrat Lovely and Kobolds

I’m furiously getting stuff finished off for the big Cineplexity world premier, this Saturday at 2:30 pm, at the Wisconsin Film Festival.

In the meantime, given the subject matter, here’s another film that’ll be showing I thought might be of interest.

(plays with Ferry Tales )

USA, 2005, 58 min, Color, digibeta
Midwest Premiere

Directed By: Amy Nicholson
Producer: Amy Nicholson
Cinematographer: Jerry Risius
Editor: John Young
Cast: Shea Mills, Jessica Howell, Jesica Lord, Stephanie Mason, Lanai Willey, Michelle Scherr, Stephanie Elzey, Tiffany Brittingham, Cindy Paul

For her first documentary feature, Amy Nicholson captures all the drama and jitters of the 50th annual teen beauty pageant to crown the queen of The National Outdoors Show, the muskrat-skinning championship in Dorchester County, Maryland. It’s an affectionate and insightful look at the eight girls competing for the title, as well as the role that such traditions can have in small communities. Festivalgoers smart enough to pick up this ticket will learn how the contestants would use their title to improve the natural resources of the region (extend the hunting season to reduce the goose-poop pollution) and how to skin a muskrat so that the eyes stay in the hide. ‘Nuff said.

Screening Schedule

Thu, Mar 30 – 9:00 pm, Bartell Theatre: $7.00
Sun, Apr 2 – 3:15 pm, Bartell Theatre: $7.00


In Kobolds Ate My Baby: Super Deluxx Edition, we ran a map with an adventure at the end pf the book.

The map had to be cut, so we could cram more stuff into the book. So we just used the part directly related to the adventure.

For those interested, or who’d like to extend the adventure, here’s the full map of Rutland-On-The-Selinker.

You can grab the high-res TIFF file here. Sorry the image is so big.I tried this as an eps file, but that was even more massive. I am the suxxor at compressing files. ran a very nice review of Kobolds today.

You can find it at their website. But in summary:

… authors match humor and disaster with fantasy role-playing in such a way that you will be laughing as you go. The art by John Kovalic not only adds another dimension to the humor already in the game, but enhances it further, capturing the life and death of the plucky, unlucky Kobold to a tee. The result is a cute, fast paced RPG that is perfect for a break between long, serious dungeon sessions, or for when enough players fail to show up for the regular game.

I’m quite chuffed with this. That’s exactly what I’d hoped would the art would achieve.



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