Leaving Las Vegas

Awake now, after a redeye flight back from Las Vegas to Madison. Much work to do. But – YAY – new cartoons start on the web site tomorrow!

For anyone going to Vegas, let me highly recommend the following (or at least two of the three, since one will soon no longer be there), if you haven’t given them a try:

1) The Peppermill. Yes, we’ll be quite a hike from it at Ballys (next year’s Gama Trade Show hotel), but it’s worth at least one visit, for breakfast, lunch, or a drink at their fabulous Fireside bar. Listed as the #1 thing all Las Vegan’s must try, I can’t believe I went the entire 2005 GTS without once setting foot in this terrific diner/lounge. I’ll make at least one or two treks there next year. Lat week, once lunch was a simply a bowl of cream of mushroom soup. Another was lobster bisque. Both were fantastic. Late-night nachos and drinks by the Fireside made for many a memorable meeting. And the breakfasts are huge and wonderful. It made the baby Jesus cry that I spent one breakfast at the Riviera’s very mediocre restaurant, and not the Peppermill.

2) Avenue Q at the Wynn. This puppet show (kinda like Sesame Street on crack) has me guffawing and crying with laughter so often, I lost count. Even with all the hype, it still exceeded anything I could have possibly hoped for. Sadly, the show is closing in May.

3) Bouchon, at the Venice. This provided be one of the best meals I have ever eaten. You could easily spend twice as much for the full Las Vegas Gourmet experience, but without a doubt, I’ve never had better Moulse Frites in my life ($25), while Judith’s roasted chicken with garlic braised swiss chard and pommes sarladaises was out of this world. There are more exotic offerings, especially with their daily specials, but a French Bistro that does the basics so incredibly well is definitely worth an annual trip. The service was terrific, and every wine recommendation was top-notch.


PS. Photos of my 15mm Flames of War 8th Army, plus battle report, to come soon. Though technically not part of GTS, the fact that it was a game means I prolly shouldn’t list it as my single best non-GTS time. It’s been far too long since I pushed lead, and once work’s done for the day, I’m priming the rest of my 25-pounder battery. I’m officially hooked! Many thanks to Herr Pramas for a tremendous battle, and the patience to slowly go through the rules with a total newbie. Probably my favorite three hours of the entire show.


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