Wow. Actual Game News.

My guess is that one or two people follow this LJ to get actual, you know, like, news about releases and such. So here we go. In this biz, news doesn’t get much bigger than this. The Toy Industry Association has named Apples to Apples as a nominee for Toy of the Year, in the […]

Black Ink Monday

Press Release: Black Ink Monday EDITORIAL CARTOONISTS ANNOUNCE “BLACK INK MONDAY” TO PROTEST INDUSTRY LAYOFFS Since Ben Franklin and colonial times, the editorial cartoon has been one of the most visible and popular parts of the daily paper. However, recent changes within the newsp Over the last 20 years, the number of cartoonists on the […]


Today’s cartoon was shamelessly late. Sorry. Support your friendly local gaming stores. Give the gift of gaming! EDIT: This cartoon is not trying to say people need to buy things they can’t afford, or take food off their tables. But I try to make sure some of my cash always goes to the local stores. […]

Louisa Marie Kovalic

Hey, all, OK. Some big news. (And personally, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.) After Warpcon/Dorkstock Eire this year, and POSSIBLY the GAMA Trade Show, I’ll most likely be taking the year off of all cons. Two years ago, Judith and I started the adoption process. Two weeks ago, we were told we had […]

Feeling gamerish (gamey?)

Today’s comic was late. Sorry ’bout that. I’m trying real hard to get at least three ‘toons up again, per week, now that I’m home again for a bit. Fingers (all three of ’em) crossed. **** I am converting a Warhammer conquistador unit I bought a while ago into a Mordheim band, for a Lustrian […]

Red Square, Sponsored by Red Bull

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen on the face of this earth — right up there with the Grand Canyon and il Duomo in Florence — is St. Basil’s cathedral in Moscow. What it lacks in size it makes up for in an indefinable “surely nobody could have built THAT” quality. I […]

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