Feeling gamerish (gamey?)

Today’s comic was late. Sorry ’bout that.

I’m trying real hard to get at least three ‘toons up again, per week, now that I’m home again for a bit.

Fingers (all three of ’em) crossed.


I am converting a Warhammer conquistador unit I bought a while ago into a Mordheim band, for a Lustrian campaign.

(Yeah, yeah…I know…”Warhammer”…so sue me. Mordheim ROCKS all kind of ass, Slappy. And I love my Warhammer Orcs, too! You’ll take my Games Workshop coolness away from me when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers…)

Anyhoo, as a Mordheim band, they don’t need pikes. They need guns.

Don’t need to be a blunderbuss. Any two-handed gun. (I’ve given a couple of them crossbows, but I *should* check the lists to see what they’re allowed…) Heck, I could even use a pistol or two, as long a it comes hand-held.

Specifically, any guns that can fit figures such as THESE (pre-and post-gun examples):

If anyone has any lying about their bitz box, a few would be fab…



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