Louisa Marie Kovalic

Hey, all,

OK. Some big news.

(And personally, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.)

After Warpcon/Dorkstock Eire this year, and POSSIBLY the GAMA Trade Show, I’ll most likely be taking the year off of all cons.

Two years ago, Judith and I started the adoption process. Two weeks ago, we were told we had five days to get ready to leave for Russia and meet our daughter.

We just returned from our first visit there (a mere week after my month-long con swing through Germany, Spain, England and Italy). And it was an exhausting emotional roller coaster. It may have been a few of the worst days of my life, with a few brief best hours of my life, as we met out daughter, and then heartbreak again as we had to leave her since the Russian system requires TWO trips.

Chelyabinsk, in Western Siberia, where we were, is like a Russian Gary, Indiana, though with an extra helping of “what’s THAT smell?”.

The baby home was two hours away, in the Urals. That’s two hours away, at 120 kph, in beat-up Laddas (with all seat belts removed, as some Russians apparently believe they’re unsafe) dodging potholes and oncoming trucks as both sides tried to play a giant game of chicken while capturing the hallowed middle-of-the-road position. Talk about white-knuckle rides.

Also…if you ever get the chance to fly in an Aeroflot-vintage Tupelov 154…DON’T. There were holes in the floor of this one!


But it was all worth it.

Here she is…Miss America-Russia!…Louisa Marie Kovalic:




She’s wonderful and healthy and beautiful and fun and funny and yeah, she’s all that and a bag of chips.We can’t wait until we go back next time, to bring her home…

We miss her tremendously already, and can’t wait until we hear what our court dates are. We have no idea WHEN this will be, though. Could be two months away. Could be four. Could be more. We’re obviously hoping it’s as soon as possible, but we just don’t know.

So for the next few months, I have to get as much work done as possible, and get as much rest as possible. There’s a combo that goes hand-in-hand, huh?

Once she’s home, I’ll be taking the year off to spend time with our little family.

Anyway, that’s the big secret reason why we went to Russia, and why we’ll be heading back soon.

And that’s why I’ll be off the road for a while after that.

I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll miss my pals in the industry, but, y’know…I just met a girl who’s changed my life.

, emotionally ripped into teeny, tiny pieces…but amazed at life

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