Spider J. Cat, 1987-2005

I wrote some of the below to a friend. I’m posting it here, and expanding just a bit, because I’m not sure I want to try and say this a different way. …sorry I’ve been quiet for a while. My 18-year old cat, Spider, who has slowed down quite a bit over the years, became […]

Kobolds are coming!

The Sell Sheet is done. The second-to-last proofread is done. The art is done. This is starting to get VERY exciting, now…the guys at 9th level and I are having a bast with this… And…Dork Tower 32 is off to press! In no small thanks to Melissa Kaercher, who pulled a marathon coloring session when […]

Kobolds Ate My Brain, Baby!

Kobolds Ate My Baby (KAMB) is coming together REALLY nicely. I must admit, I do love these little guys. KAMB minis or KAMB plushies would be kinda a dream of mine, at this point. We look all set for an early December release. Who can predict the RPG market these days? I sure can’t. But […]

Upcoming Appearances

There seems to be some confusion about my upcoming schedule, so here’s the latest word, as updated at the Events section: SPIEL Thursday, October 13, 2005 – Sunday, October 16, 2005 Essen, Germany I’ve been invited by the good folks at Pegasus Publishing, so look for their booth! International Exhibit of Comics and Games Saturday, […]

Wednesday Morning Mish-Mash

Holy Elder Gods! Animated Culty Cthulhu Covalicky goodness! Check this OUT! “Sinestros Cultistas” indeed. 🙂 Pardon me for freaking out, but the Spanish version of Creatures and Cultists looks like it will be AWESOME! With luck, when the US version is reprinted, some of the Spanish box templates and layours can be used! I’ve never […]

Good news for a change!

Lou Zocchi was missing in the post-Katrina chaos. Rick Loomis just got word from Lou’s daughter that they have heard from him, and he is safe in Alabama. No more is known, but that’s relief enough for the moment. For those who may be too young to know, Lous was called one of the “grand […]

Two completely different things…

The Mud Bay Slackers are here! This is my first foray into Fantasy Football (American style), so I’m hoping that I don’t do too embarrassingly poorly. Overall, I like the look of the team following the draft. I’m in the ten-team Beefy Cheesehead League. Save for Rothlisbureger and the defense (both sentimental favorites I wanted […]

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