The Sell Sheet is done.

The second-to-last proofread is done.

The art is done.

This is starting to get VERY exciting, now…the guys at 9th level and I are having a bast with this…

And…Dork Tower 32 is off to press!

In no small thanks to Melissa Kaercher, who pulled a marathon coloring session when I realized there was no way I’d be able to do it in time. Pop over to her LJ and tell her she rocks. Because she does.

And I now owe her MUCH sushi.

This is a very different kind of Dork Tower, but comments from proofreaders have been great. PLUS, there’s a special, 12-page Snapdragons, in full color.

Forty pages in all. Mostly of comics. It ships October 3.


Bug your friendly neigborhood stores for it now!



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